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Mensch M915 Feed Alley Scraper Hydraulic Angled

Mensch M915 Feed Alley Scraper Hydraulic Angled

The Feed Alley Scraper is recommended for use 5 to 6 times a day, to push the feed back up close to the cows.  It gathers up the food that has drifted across the alley, windrowing out the dirt.  This scraping action is proven to make the cows more inquisitive and it encourages them to get up and feed more, as the food is ‘refreshed’ and more easily accessible.  It is a great way of minimising waste and getting the most from the feed ration.


This scraper has a conventional mount and a hydraulical blade so the angle can be adjusted, and the scraper is reversible so that it can be mounted left or right.  The blade scrapes clear of the tyre track so you won’t run over the feed.  The blade itself is plastic, which has many advantages over steel – it lasts longer, takes out the vibration and is gentle on the concrete.  And of course it will not rust.


Well established in the USA, the Feed Alley Scraper which is made by Mensch Manufacturing is believed to be the first of its kind on the UK market.


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