Kitt Tailwrap tail protector

A great idea to keep your horse’s/pony’s tail in tip top condition for the competition season. Made from a lightweight fabric that is smooth on the outside and plush inside, it can be left on the tail for long periods without discomfort or damage to keep the tail clean and tangle free.

As you can imagine, it is great for pale coloured tails that stain and yellow easily when left uncovered, but it can also help prevent sun fade in darker tails. On top of that, you simply won’t believe how soft and silky the tail will be when you remove the wrap. It has that ‘just washed’ feel to it.

 The Tailwrap is breathable, so you can put it directly onto a wet tail and even leave a conditioning treatment on underneath. Because it protects the hairs from breakage it helps to promote healthy growth. And the patented design permits totally free movement, so your horse can still keep the flies at bay.

 It takes just a few minutes to put on. You tie the tapes at the top of the wrap around the horse’s tail just below the dock bone. You then divide the tail into three, wrap each section in a section of tail wrap, secure with Velcro, then plait the three wrapped sections together and tie off.

£8.29 exc VAT
£9.95 inc VAT

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