Daritech Pumps and Agitators

Daritech has just launched a brand new range of slurry pumps to complement its world class separator and sand recovery technology, all suitable for sand laden slurry.  

The introduction of these E-Series pumps brings a new level of quality and performance to the dairy industry.   Designed for easy installation and long term trouble free service, each pump is built with heavy galvanized plumbing tubes and mounting hardware, while components on all pumps and agitators are interchangeable for convenience.  The pump design facilitates a rapid install, with sliding mounting brackets included.    The range includes pumps to handle a wide variety of pressures and flow rates.

A positive displacement piston pump and agitator finish up the new line. The Piston Pump offers a fully adjustable flow speed. It is designed to handle thick sand-laden manure and is one of very few units that are suitable for sand.  The Agitator keeps slurry moving with an even consistency.  All stem pumps and agitators are designed for 6’-16’ pit depths.

Close attention was paid to both setup and maintenance when shaping the design brief.    The motor mounting brackets rotate, allowing for easy belt replacement and adjustment.  Pump details include stainless steel plumbing attachments, heavily walled steel pipe and a long sweep discharge elbow.  Lower bearings run inside a sealed bearing housing that is maintained from the top side of the pump.  

Because of the large number of variants for each pump, we have not listed them all here.  Just call us to discuss your specific requirements.  You can also find out more here

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