Daritech DT-X Separator

Capable of handling any type and consistency of slurry, including sand laden manure.  Ideal for any scrape operation, no matter what type of bedding material including sand.  The operation is not affected by changes in manure consistency or flow rate.  Adaptable to multiple types of roller press.  Direct drive unit, no belts, wheels or chains are used, for minimum maintenance.

Using screen separation technology.  Unlike a screwpress, the main alternative, in which manure is forced against a static screen which becomes easily clogged with fine particles such as sand, the DTX has a rotating screen that throws the solid material to the outside while the liquid and fine particles fall through the centre.  The separated solids are then scraped through to the roller press for more moisture to be squeezed out.

An integrated bypass hopper/rock trap has an adjustable level system to optimise separation performance.

We offer the compact 24" version for smaller herds and the larger 48" version.

£17,500.00 exc VAT
£21,000.00 inc VAT

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