Kraiburg Belmondo Walkway Mats

Belmondo Walkway and Belmondo Walk Pro for internal corridors, walkways and washdown areas.  

Soft rubber surfaces have a role to play outside the stable too.  Our walkway mats provide a slip resistant, safe, quiet surface that absorbs impact and reduces wear on the limbs.  Easy to sweep clean. Puzzle interlock for neat, precise joints.  Each mat is 1m x 1m square and 12mm thick with four puzzle interlock sides.  This is an ideal size for manageabililty.  The mats are light enough to lift and move easily.

For more information on the Belmondo range online click here.  For prices and stockists contact us on 01278 727755 or email

William Fox-Pitt has Belmondo Walkway mats throughout his stable barn.

"One of the things I really like about the walkway matting is that it is so quiet.  It helps to create a much calmer environment for the horses"

William Fox-Pitt

£20.00 exc VAT
£24.00 inc VAT

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