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New to the UK - the Priefert Round Pen

New to the UK - the Priefert Round Pen

Published on 2016.03.09

We are delighted to introduce a brand new product for 2016 - the Priefert Round Pen.  Originally associated with Western riding, round pens are becoming more and more popular for general groundwork, lungeing and schooling and are a great way of bringing on young horses or re-establishing older ones.

Priefert is America's leading manufacturer of pens, fencing and gates for equestrian use.  These pens are extremely good quality.  They offer a flexible solution - each pen is made up from a series of 12ft panels, built to the required size from 40ft to 70ft diameter.  While the panels form a rigid structure, the pen is mobile so can be moved onto fresh ground if needed.  Or you can leave it in situ and create an artificial surface inside.

Prices start from just £1250 including VAT and excluding delivery, which is a highly competitive price in the UK, especially given the Priefert quality.  Contact us today for more information.

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