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Hocktector hock boots have lots of uses!

Hocktector hock boots have lots of uses!

Published on 2017.02.06

Hock boots! useful for all kinds of things. Maybe your horse has a tendency to knock or scrape his hocks in the stable, and hock boots can offer protection. This may be a long term issue or just a temporary one - a restless horse on box rest, or a mare coming into season.

If he doesn't like the big padded duvet boots for travelling, you can combine hock boots with slim fit bandage boots or bandages, which will feel less cumbersome and awkward to him.

Perhaps you have a grey or coloured who gets his lovely white hocks pig filthy the night before a competition. Somehow hock stains are the toughest stains to remove, especially when you are tight for time and should have left half an hour ago!  

Our lightweight breathable neoprene Hocktector boots could solve your problem - and they are just £20.50 per pair.  Click here for more details and to buy online.

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