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  • They are such good scrapers, that first one we had (which is now officially worn out!) did 15 months on a skidsteer, on sand for about 8/9 hrs a day and we probably only spent about half a days downtime on it right at the end when it was seriously knackered.  If only everything else would wear as well!!!  

    M700 Quick Tach Scraper - Tom King, Vortex Holsteins, RABDF Gold Cup Winners 2011

  • “We know the sand bedding is best for our cows, but it was hard to get employees to rake all the stalls. Now all stalls get raked EVERY DAY without constant supervision. Sandman eliminates one of the most difficult chores on the farm and lowers employee turnover. With the Sandman, employees enjoy raking the stalls. The sand is now drier and smoother. My somatic cell count is down and I see fewer cases of mastitis. Cow comfort is a very important part of this industry. With the Sandman on the job my cows are healthier, more comfortable and produce more milk. Cows that have a lower somatic cell count give more milk. Comfortable stalls invite cows to bed down sooner. The Sandman gets the job done. It’s one of the best pieces of equipment I have on the farm.” Number of cows: 270Rolling herd average: 29,600Somatic Cell Count: 100

    Sandman Groomer - Stoney Acres Farm, Wisconsin

  • We have fitted half our cubicles with Kitt Sandsavers and achieved a 50% reduction in sand usage. We cannot wait to complete the other half of the barn

    Sand Saver Bed - Richard Adams, Felixstowe,Suffolk

  • Having installed 80 Kitt Sandsavers we found the cows really liked them. Because the beds were not 'bowling out' the cows tend to lie in the right place and the beds stay cleaner. We also use a lot less sand so we will certainly be putting in more next autumn.

    Sand Saver Bed - Paul Tomkins, PH Hall and Sons, Melbourne,Yorkshire

  • "I have just fitted 260sqm of Kraiburg Kura S slat mats in front of 2 new robots. I fitted them myself which was a very simple operation. I see a lot more bulling activity on the rubber and the cows are confident on their feet and very content. Money well spent!"

    Kraiburg Kura Mats in the Parlour - Andrew Walmesley, Ripley, North Yorkshire

  • I have used Wingflex mats for my high yielding herd of Holsteins for over 2 years. Hock sores are near non-existent with more cows lying down for longer periods.

    Wingflex Cubicle Mats - Matt Bland, Hesket Farm, Cumbria

  •  “We have now done the gantry to the rotary parlour, the fresh calvers feed passage (Kura P),and high yielders slatted feed passages (Kura S).  There is no disputing that it is good for the cows, with improved milk quality and yield, a dramatic increase in bulling activity and a reduction in lameness. We are planning to use more Kraiburg rubber flooring in the other passages.” Robert Wytchard,farms manager for Mapledurham estates nr Reading, with 500 cows

    Kura Walkways - Mapledurham Estates

  • “The Kraiburg rubber has greatly increased traction and cow flow on and off the rotary.  We are not seeing anything like the amount of wear on the soles and claws of the cows as the rubber is much more forgiving. We have to consider doing other areas as the cows love it!”

    Parlour Mats - Nick Cobb

  • “The cows are much more confident when coming in to be milked.  They don’t slip, and stand without fidgeting.  Milking time has reduced by about 40 minutes per day. Putting down rubber was not only easier than reconcreting, it’s proving to be more effective.”

    Parlour Mats - Steve & Carole Simmonds, Dorset

  • “We have paid attention to detail with regard to lame cows.  We have fine tuned the feeding, foot trimmed on a regular basis and fitted Kraiburg rubber in our feed passageways. We now have virtually no new cases of sole ulcers, we have eradicated white line problems and the cows are walking and moving much more easily.  We are delighted with the results”

    Kura Walkways - John Torrence, Essex

  • Peter Bennett of Wootton Bassett has fitted about 150 KKM cubicle mats. “We are very pleased with them, and so are the cows!  We find they are much easier to keep clean - I am considering taking out my remaining pasture mattresses and replacing them with KKMs."

    KKM Cubicle Mats - Peter Bennett, Wootton Bassett

  • "My order was placed and very quickly the 18mm matting was fitted together with a thinner mat in the milking pit.  The cowman was very concerned that the cows would not come into the parlour but his fears were completely unfounded.  From the first milking, with the mats fitted, the cows entered the parlour freely, quickly and did not require the cowman leaving the pit at all.  The fidgeting and unease when being milked stopped making a far more pleasant job for the cowman.  On entering the parlour it is not unusual to see 80-90% chewing the cud. The foot problems have not vanished but we are seeing a 30-40% reduction in heel ulcers since the mats have been fitted.  All in all the parlour/collecting yard matting is one of our best investments and when funds become available I would envisage doing more of the collecting yard and perhaps some of the feeding passages."

    Pit and Parlour - Stockland Lovell, Somerset

  • I fill 350 cubicles once a week and it takes 45 minutes.  That's about a third of the time it took with our old dispenser.  And in 4 years I haven't had to touch it.

    Side Shooter Bucket - Rob Kirk, Leicestershire

  • We dispense sand 3 times a week, and use the fluffer rake every other day.  It definitely saves sand AND keeps the beds aerated.

    Fluffer - Sacklington Dairies, Devon

  • Phenomenal - the best machine we have bought.  It can scrape 700 cow places in 40 minutes.  Our old box scraper took 3 hours!

    M7000 Adjustable Manure Scraper - Sacklington Dairies, Devon

  • They are such good scrapers ... if only everything else would wear as well!

    M700 Tyre Scraper - Vortex Holsteins

  • Hayden Langford farms 220 cows in Wales.  He has a 7 metre slope of 17% from the cubicle house down to the parlour.  Even though there were deep grooves in the surface of the concrete, Hayden found that the cows were very nervous about tackling the slope and often slipped.  “Since we put the Monta rubber down, the cows are much more confident.  Now, sometimes they even run up or down the slope, and I’ve even seen them bulling on it”, he says.  “It’s a really simple, cost effective solution to the problem, and the difference is dramatic.  I’m very pleased with the outcome”. 

    Kraiburg Monta Mats - Haydon Langford, Wales

  • "The Priefert Squeeze Chute is the best bit of farm kit I've ever bought.  It makes my life a lot easier and it makes handling the cattle much safer.  I'd recommend it to anyone."

    Priefert Squeeze Chute - Chris Taylor, Aberdeen

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