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One of the bigger beasts from the Kitt Kraiburg Stable!

One of the bigger beasts from the Kitt Kraiburg Stable!

Published on 2017.07.14

The Mensch Mobile Side Shooter is a serious piece of kit! Two models with hopper capacity up to 20 cubic feet, plus a discharge distance up to 25ft.  It's quite something to see it in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYbvFic7uEc

The Self Propelled SideShooter will decrease time needed to bed freestalls while reducing amount of material wasted from improper placement.

The operator can independently control each conveyor speed (main conveyor & cross conveyor) to accommodate many different bedding types and moisture content in the bedding. The conveyors can be adjusted quickly and easily with the turn of a dial from inside the cab.

Visibility is excellent. The positioning of the cab allows the operator to watch the cross conveyor, the main conveyor, and the material being spread.

The cab features military grade components for long service life, with no controls on the floor to be damaged by the corrosive manure and sand. The rugged cab is easily cleaned.

The cross conveyor uses an aggressive high speed track, this allows the conveyor to place bedding 3 to 25 feet. Also the track is seamless and fiberglass reinforced with positive drive cogs to provide rugged durability without slipping under load.

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