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Monta slip resistant mats for sloping walkways

Monta slip resistant mats for sloping walkways

Published on 2017.01.20

Kraiburg launches “Monta”, the safe and secure rubber covering for sloping walkways.  Shortlisted for the RABDF Livestock Machinery & Equipment Award 2016

It’s surprising how many dairy units incorporate slopes that not only slow cows down but can cause them to slip or fall, leading to lameness, injury and even death due to a broken limb.  The reason for the existence of the slope varies – it may be an historical issue on an older yard, or it may occur when new facilities are built to link in to older buildings.  Few sites are perfect, after all.

New Monta is an innovative rubber mat system designed to cover areas in dairy housing with a slope in excess of around 6%, for example in walkways, cross passages and collecting yards.   Through extensive research Kraiburg has identified the optimal relief pattern to offer slip resistance for both ascent and descent of the ramped area.  Monta has a distinctive ‘gapped’ V-shape raised rib profile which improves claw traction while permitting the free draining of liquids.   A square micro relief pattern between the ribs enhances the slip resistance.   The mat is designed to work equally well in both directions, ascent and descent.  

So far, field trial installations in Germany have proven Monta to be highly effective on slopes of up to 15%, while the first trial in the UK has performed even better.  Hayden Langford farms 220 cows in Wales.  He has a 7 metre slope of 17% from the cubicle house down to the parlour.  Even though there were deep grooves in the surface of the concrete, Hayden found that the cows were very nervous about tackling the slope and often slipped.  “Since we put the rubber down, the cows are much more confident.  Now, sometimes they even run up or down the slope, and I’ve even seen them bulling on it”, he says.  “It’s a really simple, cost effective solution to the problem, and the difference is dramatic.  I’m very pleased with the outcome”. 

Like all Kraiburg products, Monta is manufactured to exacting standards from tough, vulcanised rubber that will not compress or break up and will give years of use.  Monta is available in two mat sizes – 65cm x 200cm and 130 x 200cm – and is easily installed with Kraiburg’s own sturdy fastenings which sit flush with the mat.

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