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Get your FREE guide to the control of lameness in dairy cows

Get your FREE guide to the control of lameness in dairy cows

Published on 2016.01.25

"A lame cow produces less milk,has an increased calving interval,is twice as likely to be culled and takes time as well as money to sort out. With direct and indirect costs associated with the condition, an average lame cow can cost a herd over £300"

This quote is taken from the introduction to Foot Matters, a highly informative guide to the causes and prevention of lameness in the dairy herd produced by Lancashire based vets Lambert, Leonard and May.

With lots of clear photography, the guide sets out the principal causes and treatments for lameness.  It also outlines a practical step by step approach to a preventative, welfare based regime that encompasses housing, cubicle design, lying surfaces, mobility scoring, foot trimming and foot bathing.

As a leading exponent of cow welfare, Kraiburg is delighted to be involved with this thorough, well researched booklet and is offering farmers a free digital copy.

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